One of the most important things that affect your marketing is how well your various tactics integrate and support or complement one another. For example, your email marketing will ideally support your blogging and your social media marketing will support your email marketing. It needs to all be tied together to get the most from your efforts.

This can be a difficult task when you have several marketing initiatives going at once. One way to more easily see the whole picture is to use a tool called a mind map.

What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a visual tool that allows you to brainstorm and foresee connections between various ideas and concepts. It’s a simple tool that you can create with nothing more than a pencil and paper. If you’re a digital person there are some straight forward digital mind mapping tools you can find online.

Essentially, a mind map is created by placing one central idea in the middle of the page. From there you’ll branch out and identify the various marketing tactics you’re currently using. This allows you to see them all at once. You can then begin to identify ways to link the tactics together.

Identify Connections

Viewing your marketing mind map you’ll begin to brainstorm ways that you can connect your various tactics. For example, you might be able to identify tasks that overlap and various ways you can integrate your efforts. You might realize that a new product you’re launching might support a promotion tactic that’s ongoing.

Identify Opportunities

Mind maps are a way to see opportunities to leverage skills, technology, and tasks. Mind maps have a knack of providing clarity. Don’t be surprised if you notice some redundancies. This is good. You can now take care of those redundancies and save some money and time.

Marketing Mind Maps Enable Comprehensive Exploration

In addition to taking a broad-scale look at your ongoing marketing efforts, y our can also explore your marketing team, budget, competition, and even how your price and products or services fit into the equation. You can also evaluate your resources, your marketing budget, and your desired marketing outcomes.

Use your marketing mind map to help you find clarity. To help you forge connections between your initiatives and to help you identify opportunities to leverage your various resources. If the concept of mind mapping is difficult or overwhelming, take a look at some mind mapping templates specifically for marketing strategies.